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Heal Your Sexual Trauma

AND Create The Life You Want

Firstly, let me congratulate you for your courage, resilience and bravery for what you’ve  experienced and how far you’ve come.


Experiencing sexual abuse/trauma and still being successful is no easy feat. - It’s a testament to your inner strength.


That’s why I want to give you a GIFT.


My Ebook:

Start Healing Your Sexual Trauma

Firstly, let me congratulate you for your courage, resilience and bravery for what you’ve  experienced and how far you’ve come.


Experiencing sexual abuse/trauma and still being successful is no easy feat - it’s a testament to your inner strength.


The fact that you’re here tells me you’re committed, determined and unwavering in your quest to heal your sexual trauma and create the life you’ve always wanted. A better life.


Let me tell you - it is absolutely 100% possible.



I know this because I’ve done it. And now I can help you do it too.

An Invitation

I want to invite you to join my closed Facebook Group where you’ll discover ways to change your life, heal your trauma and create the life you want.  


In the group there’ll be


  • Group EFT Sessions

  • Q&A’s

  • Cyber Coffees

  • Opportunities to win a FREE session with me

  • And MUCH more!


I want to join!

Remember I’ve been there, I know exactly what it feels like. To harbour the secret, suffering in silence.  I also know what it’s like to not feel supported from everyone (important to you) when you do tell. I understand how the intrusive flashbacks bombard the mind, and the energy it takes creating a ‘successful’ life despite the ordeal - but secretly struggling inside. I know that feeling when you think you could’ve stopped it from happening, or that it was somehow your fault - even though you know the blame lies solely in the hands of the abuser. I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed with emotions of shame, guilt, anger, rage and humiliation.


Yep I know them all, because I experienced them all.

I used to think my experience was something I’d always have to live with.



I was wrong.


In my relentless search for something that would ‘fix me’ I discovered the most phenomenal life-changing therapies. I discovered EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique, MR - Matrix Reimprinting and RTT - Rapid Transformational Therapy. (I will always be eternally grateful to their incredible founders.)


They changed EVERYTHING in my life.


As I was able to let go of ‘My Story’, and heal my negative emotional attachment to my experience life became easier, happier and much better in every way.  My life took a new direction. Looking back now, I realise I found peace and freedom from my past.


There is no longer any negative emotional attachment to the experience. I have absolute emotional freedom.

You can have this too, and you deserve it.



Book your FREE

20 Minute Transformation Call

I know what it’s like to be afraid to have hope that something so enormous like your sexual trauma can be completely overcome and resolved to the point that it just doesn’t feature in your life.


If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably tried different therapies that only brought you so far and now you’re afraid you’ll be disappointed if you try something else. I get it.

When I was going through the healing process (which was painful, I’m not going to lie - but far less painful than years of staying stuck) I just couldn’t get my head around the fact that this had happened. I used to keep saying ‘I can’t believe this is my life.’


I was so stuck in my story and couldn’t see how it would get better.

I had a hard time accepting it. I wanted something better for myself. I couldn’t understand why I was alive living in pain and feeling I had no purpose.


During my own transformation all was revealed. I soon realised I had to help people who’ve experienced similar. I knew that if I could help even one person then my own journey won’t have been in vain.

I not only lived it, I completely transformed it and now have an amazing life. I want this for you.

I resisted taking this path for quite some time because I knew not everyone would agree, like or understand it, and that’s challenging.

But it’s not something I could ignore any longer. It didn’t sit well with me, knowing people were suffering, and that I could do something about it.

I’m a few years down the line now and i’m delighted to say I’ve helped people from all over the World recover from their experience of sexual abuse/trauma and find the freedom to create the life they want to live.


Aren’t you tired of your ‘story’?

Are you ready to let it go?



Do you want to experience emotional freedom from your past so you can start creating the life you’ve always wanted?


Then let's talk!


It is with great determination and dedication that I live my mission to help you heal from your sexual abuse/trauma experience and help you create the life you’ve always wanted.


I am passionate about changing how the world and society views sexual abuse, and treats those who’ve experienced it.

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