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Heal Your Past - Reclaim Your Life Back

Signature Programme

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This programme will teach you how to finally let go of the past, and step fully into the life you came here to live.

Life Free From Trauma is an online digital programme, designed for you to work through at your own pace. There is no right or wrong way - You get to do it YOUR way, in the privacy of your own home.

The women who have completed Life Free From Trauma not only released the long-term emotional pain of their past, but they have experienced massive success in healed relationships, love, careers, business, wealth, and health! 

Life Free From Trauma is an online digital programme, designed for you to work through at your own pace. There is no right or wrong way - You get to do it YOUR way, in the privacy of your own home. Take from it what you need each time you go through the material, and leave the rest.   You have life-time access, as well as access to all newly added material. There are no live calls. This course is entirely digital.


What would be possible if your disempowering beliefs dissolved and disappeared?


Imagine a life of harmony, balance and happiness for you and your life.


Imagine feeling excited about your future, feeling alive, connected, and ready to step into a life you love. The life you are here to live.

Imagine knowing how to eliminate the repetitive destructive patterns and discover how to start living from a place of personal power and vitality for life.

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Life Free From Trauma Will Target Your Life Entirely From Two Different Perspectives.

1.  Focusing on healing your trauma and eliminating your long-term emotional pain, shitty beliefs and destructive patterns that have been keeping you stuck in Groundhog Day, and making change feel almost impossible. 


2.  Showing you exactly HOW to manifest a life you love. Whether that’s a loving relationship, a successful career, feeling truly happy and looking forward to your future - this programme will teach you exactly what you’re doing wrong, and what you need to do instead. 


This programme will teach you how to finally let go of the past, and step fully into the life you came here to live. 


Learn how to really acknowledge and recognise yourself, perhaps for the first time. Transform how you see yourself and value yourself. See your greatness, and know you’re worthy of all you desire and more.

Discover how to connect to your inner power and confidence, no longer going through life feeling alone, afraid or filled with self-doubt. 


Nurture profound connections with your intuition, knowing and self-trust - knowing you can’t get it wrong. No more self-deprivation, denial or disapproval. 

Discover how to value yourself - to really see your own brilliance.


Know you are destined for more, and it’s time to go all in. 




If you don’t know what you want - how can you get it?


This module is all about CLARITY. 

We’re going to take a look at EVERY aspect of your life, and where you are right now - without judgement, or shame. This exercise will redefine and redesign your life - your way. If anything in your life isn’t a HELL YES, then it’s a HELL NO and has to go!.  It’s time to stop living a small, unexpressed, mediocre life, doing what everyone else wants, and start doing you!!

This is your opportunity to declare to the Universe who you came here to be, and start showing up as her. Boldly. Powerfully. Unapologetically. 


In this powerful module you’re going to understand why trauma has remained locked in your mind and body for so many years, why you haven’t been able to let it go and why it isn’t your fault. You’re going to discover how to release trauma, shock, grief and loss once and for all, and how to start opening your heart to more meaningful connections and love, eliminating patterns of self-denial, and deprivation. 

In this part of the programme I’m going to share with you my number one secret on how you can eradicate ANY limiting belief, or shitty past story and HOW you can attract exactly what you want in your life. 


Everything and Anything only matters in the mind. Your past doesn’t even exist - except in your mind.

​To finally end the cycle of negative thinking, eliminate disempowering beliefs and start manifesting a life you love you need to understand the FIVE ways your mind works, how it’s been sabotaging your happiness and the very simple formula to reset your mindset. 

This module is a gamechanger, it’s going to bring you deep into those parts of you where your answers reside. 


Fun. Trust. Wealth. Yep, they’re all connected. This part of the programme will teach you how to feel connected to your life on every level,  allowing you to start living the fun, and fulfilling life you’re destined for. Discover how to start trusting others by learning how to profoundly trust yourself, deepening your love for yourself and others. You’ll experience a surge in your confidence, activating and ultimately intensifying an unwavering sense of worthiness for everything you desire. Including more wealth, abundance and money. This phase teaches you how your past and money are connected, and how you can start cleaning it up - allowing you to receive and manifest more of what you want.


This module is everything you’ve been looking for about creating self-respecting, powerful boundaries which will allow you to release unhealthy relationships, whilst deepening and strengthening your inner relationship with yourself and with others. You’ll master powerful techniques which will teach you how to harmonise your masculine and feminine energy and end patterns of self-sabotage. I also share with you my Forgiveness Trinity Protocol - which will help you release any lingering emotional pain, and perfect if you’ve been struggling with forgiving those who’ve hurt you the most. This practice will help you feel freer, lighter and excited about your future. 


Learn how to Quantum Leap into a life you love. 

In this module I share with you the exact process I use personally and teach my clients to intentionally manifest everything we want - from loving relationships, promotions in careers, to six figure businesses. The more you do it, the more you’ll manifest. 

**You have lifetime access to this programme. As I learn, I will add new content which you will also have access to **

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Unhealed trauma is a breeding ground for feelings of not being good enough, not worthy or deserving of having what you want in life. 


Unresolved trauma is like a living parasite within the cells of your mind and body - depriving you of the joy, success, wealth, love and happiness you crave. 


Expert researchers have proven that Generational Trauma (trauma from your parents, grandparents etc..) can be passed onto you, unwillingly. Learn how to extract and eliminate emotional pain, and disempowering beliefs that aren’t even yours. 


Living a life you love doesn’t have to take years and it’s not complicated - it’s because people don’t know HOW. They don’t have the level of expertise, insight or skill it takes to transition out of living the only way they know how. It’s why so many things they’ve tried haven’t worked, and they start believing it’s them, that they can’t be helped. It’s why many give up, and think they are destined to live a mediocre existence where their dreams remain out of reach. Life Free From Trauma gives you the HOW. It teaches you a way that works and that will allow you to start manifesting a life you love.

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It's Your Turn

If you’ve always been putting everyone, and everything else first, trying to be a ‘good’ woman hoping it’ll make you feel good enough and worthy enough of having the happiness, joy, love, and connection you secretly crave. I get it. You give and give and give wondering when it’s going to be your turn. 

It’s your turn right now. 

It’s time to remember who you are and step into that identity. 

It’s time to say YES to yourself and to your dreams.




It’s time to say YES to yourself!

Life Free From Trauma is an online digital programme, designed for you to work at your own pace. There is no right or wrong way - You get to do it YOUR way, and take from it what you need right now. There’s no rush, because you have life-time access to all of the content, and any new content


Life Free From Trauma introduces modalities, teachings, information and new perceptions you may not be aware of yet, that could help you release some painful, long term memories and emotions from your past. You may decide you require some additional professional support, coaching or guidance. If so, you can contact us at 



This programme is not a replacement for any professional services, therapy or medical treatment you may be receiving or need.  It is information only, and you are 100% responsible for yourself as you go through the material. You do not have to agree with the opinions or personal experiences shared throughout this content. You have full autonomy over your own mind and body. 

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Manifesting a Life You Love

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