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Did you miss my radio interview?

If so, you can listen to it HERE

Leading up to this interview I was apprehensive but excited. I really wanted to do it. You see due to

the dynamics of N. Ireland, I spent much of my earlier career having to hide who I was and what I did. Fear and doubt were drilled into me - fear of who could hurt me and doubt about who I could trust. It was exhausting and quite frankly it didn't align with who I am.

Anybody who knows me would probably say I wear my heart on my sleeve. What you see is what you get. My friends often ask my advice or tell me things because they know they'll get my honest opinion - even if it's not what they want to hear! Does this make my life easy? Not by a long shot, but it feels true and integral to me.

I chose a career as a cop in N. Ireland. In most other countries, officers are openly proud of their police career, but not so much in N. Ireland. I was proud to be a cop and I loved it, but in N. Ireland it's more the norm to 'hide' being a cop because it's not safe, etc... but I thought I could make a difference.

More recently, I realised that my Police career was meeting the needs of my subconscious beliefs, behaviours and patterns stemming from my childhood. When I was a young girl I was sexually abused and, just like being a cop, it didn't feel safe to disclose it. I spent most of my life 'hiding' it, pretending that it didn't happen.

Both of these experiences were extremely dis-empowering and limiting for me. But I had learned this behaviour and had been conditioned by the abuser from a very young age to be quiet and to hide the truth.

I suppose that would make my life seem like a bit of a paradox.

On one hand, I speak out - I'm not one for sitting on the fence, even if it's uncomfortable and there's a backlash. Yet during my childhood and career I 'learned' to keep my mouth shut.

Both of these experiences were for protection. The primal need within all of us: to keep ourselves safe so that we can survive.

As a child I wanted to protect myself, the abuser and my family.

As a cop I wanted to protect myself and my family.

Did it work? For years it did, but to the detriment of my health. Eventually the truth came out and many people were hurt. It was extremely painful, isolating and remarkably confusing at the time.

Regardless of all that, I'm still glad that it came out. It set me free in ways I could have never imagined. I was able to unlearn and let go of the survival beliefs, behaviours and patterns I had adapted.

It wasn't easy and it wasn't something I did on my own. Although I had the support and love from family and friends, it didn't help heal the deeper issues or resolve them forever. No, so I kept searching until I found something that would turn my life around.

I discovered EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), MR (Matrix Reimprinting) and RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy). These modalities changed my life in every way possible. Not only did I get my life back, I got a better life back. I couldn't ignore the enormous difference these tools made in my life. I found love. I found freedom, happiness and meaning.

These modalities made me very quickly realise that I could have a better life - that I could overcome these experiences and move on. And I did.

I more than believe in these tools to change lives. I am living proof that they work and are life-changing and transforming. Because of this, I decided to re-train myself in these modalities so I could make the same difference in the lives of others.

We all deserve the freedom and happiness to live a more fulfilling satisfying life.

I realise now, that once I began to change my old perceptions, beliefs and behaviours - my life began to change. I stopped attracting the wrong people and circumstances. I stopped needing to hide, to pretend and to protect myself by not being who I really am. My police career ended when I was injured, forcing me to change my life and become a therapist to help women around the world.

Every day I strive to have a greater and more meaningful, happier life. That is why I said yes to this interview.

You can listen to my interview HERE

I have been changed forever and there's no going back. I am on the path of who I really am - helping women let go of whatever is holding them back and keeping them stuck so they can create the happiness and success to live the life they want.

Here's to becoming the best version of yourself!


Sorcha McAloon is a Success Coach who was a former Police Officer in N. Ireland, and through her own transformation of childhood traumas and injury sustained on duty her life took a new and very different direction.

Now she is a Hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformational Therapist, Advanced Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner.

Her clients hail from all corners of the globe as she works over Zoom as well as Face to Face.

Sorcha specialises in working with high achieving women who feel stuck and frustrated and don’t know how to take the next step to creating a life they want. She helps these women to believe in themselves and have more confidence to go after what they really want. She can help you too become the best version of yourself.

You can contact Sorcha directly by emailing


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