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Why are we not BEST Selling Authors with the stories we're telling ourselves..?

I've told myself some whoppers over the years about why I can't be, do or have something I really want.

I've denied myself some amazing opportunities, all because of my own bullshit.

We all do it, because we're not always aware or recognise our own stories.

We treat them as though they're our identity.

We make them a part of us.

Our stories show up as our thoughts, beliefs, excuses, or as experiences from our past that we defiantly hold onto and use as an excuse for not living our best life.

The problem is - we weave our thoughts, feelings, beliefs into a narrative that we accept as 'normal' - it feels a part of us, and we don't even think to question it.

In other words, the stink of our own bullshit smells normal!

How fucked up is that???

We accept it as absolute truth - even when it's to the detriment of our happiness, freedom, health, success and wealth.

Our stories can stop us, and sabotage us from going after what we really want, from taking chances, and from giving and receiving.

They can keep us stagnant, blocked, stuck and trapped - in some cases for entire life-times.

I've used every story (AKA excuse) under the Sun for not being able to do, be or have certain things in my life - and felt absolutely justified in my stand.

It's what makes it easy for me to help my clients break free and live their BEST life by identifying their own BS stories and transforming their lives!

Let me share my latest Bullshit story...

Last Friday (my birthday), when on a call with my two darling friends, they gifted me money for a flight to go and see them so we could enjoy a Christmas Get Together (we're all in a Mastermind together). They asked for my bank details to transfer the money. I was completely overwhelmed at their kindness and generosity.

We got off our call, and they waited, and waited and waited for me to send my details.

Eventually they had to ask me once again to send them.

Still this didn't work - I ignored their request and did nothing. WTF… Right?

So yesterday they rang me to ask what the fuck was going on (with love).

Holy shit during the phone call - I had massive A-HA moments. I recognised the bullshit stories I was telling myself, and all the excuses about why I couldn't receive their gift, love, friendship etc…

I was completely shocked by my own internal dialogue and my behaviour.

I didn't realise I was doing it.

I just knew I felt a lot of fear, sickness around receiving this gift!

So, even though I felt uncomfortable and scared, I knew I had to take immediate action to pattern disrupt my thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

I'm always telling people how they need to take action if they want to change their lives. How they have to breakthrough their comfort zones, and do things that scare them if they want life changing results. Yet, here I was breaking my own rules!

I sent the bank details because I had to stop letting the voice of fear take over.

For any of us to have the life we say we want, we really do have to call ourselves out on our own BS and take a look at what stories we're telling ourselves that are keeping us stuck and denying us the things we want.

It takes great self-awareness, courage and the ability to be honest with ourselves to call BULLSHIT!!

Here's the bottom line, when you're holding onto pain from your past, or unresolved shame and hurt… when you're not able to trust others… when you can't forgive yourself, or those who hurt you… when you're calling yourself names, and judging others… when you're feeling unworthy and undeserving… when you tell yourself you're not good enough…

You will NEVER attract the things you want most in life… love, acceptance, inner peace, happiness, connection, perfect health, wealth, success...

Instead you will continue to fertilise your own pain and suffering with your own bullshit.

Isn't it time to learn how to let go of your old stories, rewrite Part Two so you can live your BEST life..?

I'd love to hear from you, about the ONE story you've been telling yourself that's keeping you stuck, and stopping you from living a happier life, free from the pain and shame from your past.

Doing this will really help you become more aware of the stories (excuses) that are blocking you and stopping you from from living a happier more fulfilling life - FREE from the pain of your past.

You can email me to, I will respond personally - I love getting emails from around the World.

Love Sorcha 🌺

P.S. If you have unresolved and unhealed pain, shame, hurt or trauma and you want to know how to overcome for good, just book a complimentary Breakthrough Call with me today.

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