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to the empower shower…

An exclusive Membership Group, supporting and empowering women and men during their healing journey. As well as encouraging and inspiring them to strive for total emotional FREEDOM and HAPPINESS after trauma. 

We are a group of World-changers, moving forward from our abusive past, changing how the World views trauma and inspiring others to find their voice and BREAKFREE.

The day has come when it’s no longer acceptable to spend years in and out of therapy - only to feel stuck, worse than ever - sad, lonely and misunderstood.

at the empower shower

We know the possibilities are LIMITLESS when we fully release the emotional bondage of our painful traumatic past and step forward into who we were born to be.

What we know for sure;


We’re no-body’s victim

We’re not survivors

We’re not our past

We’re not a label e.g ptsd, damaged, bi-polar

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We are WORLD CHANGERS - giving support, hope and inspiration. Shining our light on the way forward for those coming up behind us.


We don’t do blame. We don’t do shame. We celebrate ourselves, each other and those we’ve yet to meet.


We are about raising our energetic vibration so we have the FREEDOM to create our new life. A life on our terms.


This is the most phenomenal group on the planet, offering this level of support, connection and deep understanding - because we’ve been in your shoes. 

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I know what it’s like…

  • To feel lonely, scared and cut off from the love of your family and friends

  • To be desperately searching for someone to help you - but not able to trust them

  • To think ‘What’s the point?’. - because nothing seems to work for you, so you’ve stopped trying

  • You want the pain to stop, you want your mind to find peace

  • You want to stop worrying, waiting for the next bad thing to happen

  • You want HAPPINESS, JOY and FREEDOM to live your best life. But how? And now you want to know if The Empower Shower is the right place to start…

the empower shower will…

Support you no matter where you are in your healing


Help you realise your self-worth so you know you’re worthy of a HAPPIER life, even if right now you don’t think you deserve anything better.


Teach you how to rebuild your confidence so you know you can go after what you want.


Show you how to start valuing yourself, raise your vibration so you begin to attract amazing opportunities and people into your life.


Teach you how to reconnect with yourself on a deep soul level - allowing you to dream bigger, to be, do and have EXACTLY what you want in life.


Give you Empowering meditations and tools to help you step forward into your DIVINE HIGHER SELF - so you can go after what you want and reach the goals, that right now you think are impossible.


The Empower Shower is about stepping into your greatness, into your unlimited potential by owning your power, reclaiming your freedom and taking intelligent action to live the life you want. 


You’re going to experience a deep connection with yourself, and others, develop supportive friendships and know that YOU MATTER. 

What to expect..

  • MONTHLY COACHING CALLS - These are not to be missed! We’re going to share the secrets you NEED to know, that your therapist isn’t telling you. We will have Guest Speakers, Workshops, Challenges, Q&A and much more. We’re going to teach you how to empower your mindset, up-level your identity so you can powerfully step forward into who you were born to be. We’re going to show you how to reconnect with who you really are and what you truly want from this life-time. These calls are going to cause MASSIVE up-levelling! This is a game-changer.

  • Connection. One of the worst things about abuse and trauma, is that we often think we’re alone, and nobody understands.  We can feel paranoid and think that people are talking about us, judging us - which causes isolation. This can be really hard, and feel impossible to come back from. Well Our private Facebook Group - The Empower Shower is where you get to hangout with all the other kickass Warriors who are healing their past, changing their lives and in turn changing the World.  In here you get to be yourself - zero judgement. This collective community is kickass - and are taking a stand to everything and everyone who hurt them. You’re going to want to be a part of it!

  • Hypno Meditations - During your membership you’ll get full access to my very own meditations. These are going to expand your mind, improve the quality of your thoughts and help you relax to restore balance and harmony to your Mind, Body and Spirit. We’re going to sky-rocket your confidence - so when you mean no, you say no. No more people pleasing for you. You’re going to realise your #1 PRIORITY is YOU and YOUR FREEDOM.

  • Member Benefits; As Empower Shower Warriors you get discount to my other programmes, and 1:1 Coaching, as well as any other paid events I host. 

Join The Empower Shower Today!



*3-month minimum subscription



* Annual Subscription

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