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Hi I'm 


Overcoming my past has enabled me to live life on my terms!


y life completely turned around, and I finally, I 

realised that everything I had been through was so I could help other women - without the lip service, because I'd lived it. I know what it’s like to struggle with the shame of abuse, and feel hopeless that life can get any better.

I remember back in 2010 when things had gotten so bad for me. This year was pretty much a blur. Everyday felt like climbing Everest with concrete boots on. I was depressed and wanted to die. Everything was an effort, days went by where I’d lie on my bed looking at the ceiling and couldn’t manage much else.


Eventually I couldn’t bare it anymore. I was bored with my own “Poor Me Story” and made the decision to change my life. It was either that or I was going to be swallowed up by a black hole of despair and hopelessness. A path to Nowheresville.


You see for 26 years I held a secret. For 26 years I told nobody about being sexually abused at 8 years old. Now, I didn’t remember about it until I was in my teens, and then I thought my flashbacks, memories and thoughts were “normal”. I used to physically shake my head in an attempt to deny they were true.


My mantra was, "It wasn't that bad."

I used to say this over and over again - a classic text-book method to minimise what had happened to me. It’s called survival.


I was so angry that this was my story, that this had happened to me. I couldn’t make sense of Why? - at the time. I was hurt and felt humiliated.


Yet I had managed to create a nice life. I had a successful career, a beautiful home, a car I loved driving but everything felt like a struggle. I used to always ask myself “Is this it? Is this all there is to my life?”


Deep inside I always felt there was more to life for me, and that there had to be something more for me. And I was right.


As humans we keep going, coping with what life has thrown at us and minimising our hurts. We usually neglect to connect our past with our current reality and how it directly blocks us from creating what we want.


I uncovered this through my own past experiences and how they were causing my depression, PTSD and anxiety.


My mind was made up and I was committed and determined to uncover and heal everything that I could - I left no stone unturned. .


They didn’t have the answers for me.


But I kept going until I found the answers - when I did, everything in my life changed! 


They changed every single aspect of my life.


Because of my own journey and experiences I now have the privilege of working with the most amazing women around the World. I help these amazing women overcome their own abuse trauma, rebuild their confidence and self worth so they can claim their life back, and start living a life they want to live.

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Note: My programme is NOT for everyone. I only work with women who are decisive, committed and resourceful. These women are more committed to their new life, than their past and fear. They make it non-negoitable to get the life they want and they're willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

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