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I now have a purpose I'm working toward.

"There are so many things I am thankful to Sorcha for! I needed help, I wanted change, and I knew it was possible, but I didn't know how to get there. Our sessions together helped me work through the issues I feel were at the roots of my thinking- how I perceive the world. And changing those things has, even in this short period of time, given me the catalyst for a different life. I can feel myself vibrating on a different level. I'm just naturally happier. I laugh more. And as simple as that sounds, it makes a huge difference.
The biggest shift is in the life I've always known that I wanted, but never felt like I deserved. I never felt like I could make a living with my music and always had my dad's voice in my head saying "don't be a starving artist.”

Amazingly since I began working with Sorcha I have done such deep and healing work that I have been able to attract a loving partner who is now, in fact, my fiance! I could never have imagined doing this before my work with Sorcha and I couldn't be happier. 

I've cut wayyyy back on my drinking and have only had one here and there, which is freeing up my time and head-space to make some big strides on my work and focus. I don't get the cravings just to go out and drink like I did before— It's helped me identify the underlying want for that behavior— which always seems to be procrastination or avoidance. I now have a purpose I'm working towards, and that is so much more important to me than any night of social partying.



Sorcha guided me wonderfully through the whole process.

"I worked with Sorcha to help me overcome my fear of being judged and not being able to be myself especially round men. This impacted my life greatly and as a therapist myself it often stopped me from promoting myself or working with certain people in my practices. In my home life I also felt shy of being my best self even though I have been with my husband for 21 years I still felt there was a part of me that held me back. Sorcha was incredibly re-assuring.


I received the session via Zoom and I was just amazed by the results being exactly the same as if it was in person. Sorcha led me through the process and explained everything I needed to know, before we even started the session I felt I was already set up for success. During the session Sorcha guided me wonderfully throughout the whole process and I even experienced quite an intense abreaction (emotional response) that Sorcha was able to guide through so effectively. After my session I felt so liberated and like I was my very own super woman.


This session enable me to get back my confidence and I especially had no issues with feeling judged around groups of people or around men, it was as I never had the issue in the first place. Over the 21 days of listening to the recording I felt my confidence in myself and my own abilities increasing and now I feel so much more capable of fulfilling what I want to achieve and just being able to go for it. I highly recommend Sorcha for Rapid Transformation Therapy, it’s a unique experience and really feels like I have had a massive upgrade and I feel great about me.


Thanks you Sorcha you are wonderful."




It was like the Universe said, Right, let's make this happen.

At 65, I finally came to understand that 

•    I was repeating many life lessons and nothing was changing
•    I never felt like I was good enough / deserving
•    Definitely  self-sabotaging  myself in  jobs and relationships etc.
•    I was not living the life I desired
•    I recognized that my fears reflect areas where I need work, my fears and pain were my compass for growth. I decided I wanted to be free to live a great life with love and happiness within it.

Once I made the decision to work with Sorcha it was like the Universe said “Right let’s make this happen”. Within a short period of time of working with Sorcha I felt the shift in my mind, it was a huge “aha” moment for me and a great starting off point to really get into the work. Everything I have done in this program from Day 1 has worked – At the beginning I know I had days when I doubted myself and days where I just didn’t think it was working but right now I can tell you most definitely it has changed my life. 
Due to the deep healing belief system work Sorcha taught me my oldest son who I put up for adoption 20 years ago has come back into my life we enjoy a close caring relationship.

Another change I'm grateful for is that I have been able to forgive my abusers. I always thought this would be impossible to do. I have learnt through this using this program I did not have to associate with the person(s) but to help myself heal and move on I needed to learn to forgive and most of all to love again. I know what I've written is a very simplistic view of forgiveness but forgiving has help me move past my pain and hurts and started my healing, my journey of self-love.
I am so grateful I found Sorcha and for her patient guidance on my journey to healing and recovery and happiness.



Before working with Sorcha I was just BROKEN and in pain. I was aware that I was letting my past stories control my life but was not sure how to move on and let go of all the hurt within me.  I think my life was stuck on this path for at least 20+ years. One day I just woke up and realised I had enough of it all, the hurt, the pain and the anger and of course not understanding why I react defensively to comments / remarks.

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Live Life On Your Terms

Live Life On Your Terms

How Sorcha and RTT have changed my life...
Esther Prentice for Sorcha McAloon testimonial

“I met Sorcha through a client/friend recently and, up to that point, I had never heard of RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy). Hearing all about my friends success story after just one session with Sorcha left me fascinated. 


I come from a holistic/healing background and was intrigued to see if Sorcha could help me with my own energetic blocks that were holding me back in various aspects of my life.


Working with Sorcha was very relaxing and insightful.  I experienced a huge release during the session which quite literally blew my mind! 


Sorcha helped me feel completely at ease as she carefully led me deep into my Subconscious Mind to help me release my old patterns. She helped me understand exactly how, why, when and where they had came from allowing me to finally let them go.

Sorcha created a tailored transformational recording for me following my session and I listened to it for 21Days.


I'll admit that the first few days were emotionally hard, but I realised that this was the important part of my healing. I was releasing and letting go of my old thought patterns and beliefs. This transformational recording, as well as Sorcha’s well timed 'check-ins' to see how things were going, helped me sail through into a new level of wisdom. 


What I gained was a whole new view of things from a higher understanding that has given me more confidence in who I am.

Working with Sorcha and doing RTT has completely changed how I feel and think about things.


Sorcha has an amazing gift and I for one am delighted to have met her and had the opportunity to experience this remarkable treatment for myself  - she has certainly changed my life!”

Esther Prentice

Owner at Esther Home of Beauty, Holistics and Training

The work we did together gave me my freedom.

'Stumbling across Sorcha and the work we did together gave me my freedom. Nothing has come close to the feeling I have inside of me everyday, I know the work we did during the course will be with me for life. I love the way I feel. I’m no longer sitting in my negativity space. I am alive. I make decisions that suit me… I am more confident… I no longer seek validation from others…I don’t want to talk about my past much anymore… I’m so grateful to you for the freedom you helped me gain...'

Kellie Roche


Perfect modeling for me...

"Sorcha is so warm and caring and also strong - which was perfect modelling for me - and her sessions have completely transformed how I feel and my relationships with my family.  In just 4 sessions I worked on my most painful issues and the emotions I was carrying have disappeared, which in turn had miraculous effects on my relationships.  I couldn't recommend Sorcha highly enough.  Her energy is wonderful and she is brilliant.  She will guide you to freedom."

Identity Protected

Walk Along Waterfront
 My Heart opened up again and I felt open to receive.

Little did I know that one session with Sorcha would be life altering for my entire family. 


I had no idea about the existence of energy blocks and what they do. In just the first session I moved through some serious issues with ease. I gained clarity and confidence that led to opportunities opening up for me that hadn't even been on my radar. This sounds weird but I became more ME with each passing week as the heavy energy fell away. My heart opened again and I felt open to receive. 

Sorcha guides you with love from start to finish. My first conversation with her left me feeling like I could trust her with my deepest thoughts and feelings. As we continued our working relationship, her no-bullshit honesty proved to key to my breakthroughs as she called me out when I needed it. I wouldn't have progressed so far so quickly if she hadn't. 


As a result of my success, I suggested Sorcha to my teenage sons. Being typical teenage boys, they were highly skeptical, but they were open to trying something new to overcome

Sabrina Laffan testimonial for Sorcha McAloon

the obstacles they were facing. They immediately felt comfortable with Sorcha and looked forward to each session with her. She busted through their blocks and past deep-seated trauma in a matter of weeks. In less than a month my son was off his anti-depressants and he'd transformed into a totally different child. He was chatty, enjoyed being around everyone and stopped hiding out in his bedroom 24/7. 


My boys were disappointed when their sessions ended and asked me multiple times if they could have more time with Sorcha. Being the honest person she is, Sorcha told me that they had nothing left to work through. She didn’t want me to spend money where it wasn’t needed. My boys still keep in touch with Sorcha an entire year later. They send her messages to say hello and she checks in with them too. 


Sorcha has been an angel in our family. She gave me my son back, she brought me to a whole new level in my business, helped me recover from some past events in my personal life, and is someone I will forever be thankful for every single day of my life. 


Sabrina Laffan

Spiritual Coach For Moms


I am no longer obsessed with food.

"Since working with Sorcha my life has changed .. I stopped craving chocolate , decided to go low carb.. I am now 9 days no cravings and a reduced appetite, I am no longer obsessed with food .. I’m eating well and stopping when I’m full .. I could cry as I realise I had an addiction to food ( mainly sweet things and all carbs) and now I can see why I gained weight it was like a drug addiction and for the first time in my life I am free from it .. I keep thinking ‘wow’ ..  I can’t thank you enough.   I’m eating healthy and enjoying my food, planning everything and cooking from scratch, simple easy food. 


I can’t put into words the immensity of this change in me and what it means to me .., now I know how normal people feel and treat food ... I haven’t had chocolate since I then  and I haven’t missed it .. anytime I tried to cut down or out before I became obsessed!  Now I’m not even bothered about it !! 


As you can tell I’m ecstatic about it all .. think I’m down about 6-7lb ! Without much effort ! 


I turn 50 tomorrow and it’s the best present I could have wished for .. thank you from the bottom of my heart xx

N. E.



I didn't even know what was holding me back and keeping me stuck.
Dawn Falcone, testimonial for Sorcha McAloon

I was feeling completely stuck emotionally when a friend suggested I meet with Sorcha, who she explained, "has a gift."

I was amazed at how quickly Sorcha was able to tap into me, my blocks and get to the root of the problem. She uncovered events long ago in my past that I wasn't even aware of but they were holding me back in the present. She helped me shift through all of it in an emotional journey. I felt raw for days following our session but then a calmness began. I felt a powerful clearing of old energy and negativity.

Sorcha helped to re-balance me emotionally. Things had been so out of whack and nothing I tried to realign myself was working. Sorcha was able to help me go deep within, address the root of the problem and move me past it. She is truly gifted!

Dawn Falcone

The Chaos Liberator

I've found the freedom to do and be whoever and whatever I want.

Sorcha I feel very grateful for following my instinct to contact you and work with you. Since working with you I’ve found the freedom to do and be whoever and whatever I want. This is something new for me and now because of this I have taken a very big step in my career - which has been really amazing and life changing.

I feel so much more confident in myself and I feel more in touch with who I am. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.


Raluca Pit

Life Coach

I've found my free Spirit.

Sorcha and I were connected through my life coach who swooned over how amazing Sorcha was at helping you remap your subconscious blueprinting. I was really excited to work with Sorcha and as soon as we connected on video chat I felt an instant connection and trusted her completely.

Sorcha helped me recognise the life changing moment in my childhood that made the 4 year old version of myself grow up too fast and take on the role of the parent rather than the child. This made me feel like I HAD to take care of my parents and kept me feeling trapped.

Since working with Sorcha, I've found my free spirit and have fully embraced travelling and I'm planning to move halfway across the world! Sorcha unlocked my freedom and the weight that I was carrying on my shoulders for far too long.

Mary Enns

Health & Fitness Coach

Mary Enns, testimonial for Sorcha McAloon
I've found a new self-belief in myself and who I am.

Sorcha I really don't know how to thank you enough for this real freedom you have given me.

I have escaped from an old deep-rooted limiting belief that was debilitating.  I no longer doubt my decisions or underestimate my capabilities. I’ve found a new self-belief in myself and who I am.


I cried like a baby during the session wondering how you were going to wipe up the river from my eyes and nose. This was the most liberating feeling because by the end of the session I felt so much lighter and free. Even now I continue to notice more and more changes.  

Since my session I no longer accept or allow certain comments or particular people in my life anymore - there's no internal debate anymore. I have the confidence in myself to make these choices that make my life better. I have been given real freedom.


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You so very much Sorcha.


J. Hirst

Business Owner

My life has upleveled in every way...

Kelly Caldwell, testimonial for Sorcha McAloon

"It was Sorcha's energy that first made me want to work with her but the results I've had have surpassed any expectation. My life has upleveled in every way. 


My business is now in complete alignment with me, and when I falter I have the tools to find alignment again. My self-confidence is growing almost without effort, and most of my childhood issues have resolved “while I sleep.”


Sorcha’s sessions are the best investment I’ve ever made in myself."


Kelly Caldwell

CEO, Scorpio Press

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