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I'm Sorcha.

(Pronounced Sor-Sha, Irish for brightness) and I help women overcome the trauma of abuse, rebuild their confidence and claim their life back. Click HERE to find out how I can help you let go of your past, and start living the life you've always wanted.

Are you ready to overcome your trauma of abuse, rebuild your confidence and claim your life back..?

I know what you're thinking… 

That you're trauma is a part of you, it's something you'll always struggle with, having some good days but more bad days - you think the scars will always be there and it's not something you'll ever really get over!

Like most of my clients - you've probably tried so many different types of therapy over the years, that you've lost count. Pouring money into a bottomless pit of weekly sessions that you don't even want to go to! Before you know it months, years have passed and you're still feeling worthless, useless, carrying the weight of the shame, struggling with the pain of your loved ones telling you to 'get over it', feeling lonely, unsupported and angry because nothing seems to work, you're stuck and feel 'what's the point.' You don't trust anyone, you expect to be disappointed and let down so you're completely alone - relying only on yourself.

I can tell you things will only get worse if you don't do something about it. Take a moment to think about all you've lost, or the years you've given living like this. 

How many more years of your life are you prepared to give?

The problem is you can't and won't be able to overcome the trauma of your abuse on your own. I don't know anybody who has.


You've probably been trying for years! It's time to stop and realise that it's not working.

Aren't you sick and tired yet of living like this?


What have you already sacrificed…your health, your career, family, happiness, relationships, business, children, your life? 

How bad does it have to get before you'll decide to do something about it? I'm not talking about putting a bandaid over it, I mean the real life-changing, turn your life around, transformational work that enables you to start claiming your life back. A life on your terms that you want to live.

You have a choice, you continue down this path and let it take everything from you. 


You decide right now that you're prepared and willing to do whatever it takes to start overcoming your past, that you are 100% committed to rebuilding your confidence and claiming your life back. You make it non-negotiable and you start getting resourceful to making it happen!

These are the women I work with. Women who are no longer prepared to standby and watch their life disappear. My clients are the most decisive women, who are 100% committed to recovering from their past and creating the life they want. They don't always know how or what their dream life looks like - and that's why they come to me.

If you're tired of struggling, If you've had enough pain and trauma and you know you can't let another day go by existing, living an unspent life - then just book some time in my calendar to find out how you can turn your life around TODAY!

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Are you ready to Overcome your trauma,

and claim your life back?

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