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Dancing Women


And Live The Life You Came Here To Live

You are worthy of manifesting and living a beautiful life. One you love

There is no evidence, proof or back up required. You are simply worthy of it all. 


Right now you may not believe me. You may think these are just words on a page.


I know shitty things have happened to you. 

I know somebody thought it was okay to hurt you. 

I know your past wasn’t fair.


The TRUTH is the past only exists in your mind and body, and you my darling have full autonomy over your mind and body - which means you have the power to redefine who you are. 

It's time to go to the core and break free from where it all began and where it was created. It's time to become the leading lady in your own life - unapologetically, and love yourself for it!

NOW is your time to remember who you are and who you were before someone thought it was okay to hurt you. 

Casual Meeting


"Before working with Sorcha I was just BROKEN and in pain. I was aware that I was letting my past stories control my life but was not sure how to move on and let go of all the hurt within me. Within a short period of time of working with Sorcha I felt the shift in my mind, it was a huge “aha” moment for me and a great starting off point to really get into the work. Everything I have done in this program from Day 1 has worked."


Hey there, before we jump on a call together I have a few questions to ask and some things I want you to know. 

1.  I do not invite most women to work with me.

I’m going to be very honest with you. Every woman tells me she wants to break free from her past and live life on her terms and every single one can make that happen. Most won’t because they’re paralyzed and crippled by their deep hidden unconscious patterns and fear which is why life is passing them by. Only 1% is actually willing to walk the gauntlet with me to take back what is rightfully hers! My application process is intentionally designed to bring that 1% into my realm - because that’s who I’m here to help. 


2.  This process is me interviewing you.

I am looking for specific information in your answers because I need to be 100% I can help you. I'm looking for a sincere connection between us. I need to be convinced that inviting you into my space is the right decision for us both. 


3.  My Mentorship Package is the most valuable investment you'll make in yourself. It requires your full devotion and investment  If you're ready to stop devaluing yourself, and start valuing your life so you can live YOUR life on YOUR terms, you’ll easily invest in yourself to reclaim your soul back and remember who you are. (What price do you place on your life?)


There are any number of coaches out there who are much cheaper. So if the investment  scares you off - GOOD!  That’s intentional on my behalf. My clients never let money stand between them and their emotional and Spiritual freedom. They know they can always make more money - but they can’t make more time and they’re done wasting precious years of their life that they can never get back. They never place more value on money over their own recovery, happiness and life. If you absolutely know in your heart this is for you - but you’re scared (which is normal, it’s part of any massive transformational journey) come and speak to me so I can help you.


4.  I’m a straight talker. Unapologetically. Let’s face it you’ve been lied to enough. I’m not here to waste your time or tell you what you want to hear


Many of my clients have spent their money and most precious years searching for the ‘answers’, that they think will set them free. Hoping their Therapist or Coach will help them understand or make sense of their life through analysis, talking and retelling their story. I don’t do that. I’m here for one reason and one reason only - to show you that YOU already have the answers inside you and YOU are holding the key to your prison door on Death Row. It’s time to break free, live life on your terms and enjoy loving, respectful relationships and success in all areas of your life. No more settling or denying yourself what you truly desire. It’s no longer an either or situation. This shit stops and starts with you right now. 


5.  Expect Miracles (If you do exactly what I teach you).


One abusive relationship after another, to finding her loving husband during Lockdown. Years of on/off depression, shitty relationships, insecurity, loneliness to off all medication, depression free and owning a Worldwide Business. Feeling like a shell of her former self, empty and with a failed marriage behind her, to being in a loving relationship and five figure months in her business. These women are not any different to you. It’s very simple. They were no longer prepared to continue living a shitty, mediocre existence. They were courageously willing to do whatever it took, no matter what and show up 100% for themselves. 

How you show up in life, is how life will show up for you. 

Happy Woman


"Stumbling across Sorcha and the work we did together gave me my freedom. Nothing has come close to the feeling I have inside of me everyday, I know the work we did during the course will be with me for life. I love the way I feel. I’m no longer sitting in my negativity space. I am alive. I make decisions that suit me… I am more confident… I no longer seek validation from others…I don’t want to talk about my past much anymore… I’m so grateful to you for the freedom you helped me gain..."

Kellie Roche

It’s time to remember how powerful you really are. 

This work is not for the faint hearted. It’s for those who are ready to show up every day from this moment forward like their life depends on it - because it fucking well does!


It’s not for those who need to ask for permission from someone else as to whether or not they’re allowed to get the help to let go of their painful past forever and live a life they’re dreaming of. 


If you need time to think about it - then it’s a NO from me. What is there to think about - you either want to grab life with both hands and start living it or you don’t.

Seize this opportunity! Your life is calling but you need to take the action to live life on your terms. That day is TODAY!

Standing on Cliff's Edge

So, now you’re standing on a cliff edge with a life-changing opportunity holding its hand out to you. 
Do You...


Say HELL YES and courageously step into the unknown because you know this is exactly what you need to do if you’re ever going to reclaim your life back and discover who you truly are?


Know this is exactly what you need, but you feel so scared you could vomit.  You don’t want to spend the rest of your life feeling stuck so you’re going to reach out to me so that I can support you.


Fall down the cliff edge into oblivion, and waste the next 10, 20 years trying to climb back up wishing you’d said yes to yourself, your life, your happiness and your future?

Your life is the most valuable asset you have.

If you want to step into my realm, and be that 1%, just complete the application form. 

You already know what’s involved, so let’s have an honest conversation about what you need to do next. 

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