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Why now is a great time to burn Frankincense in your home or office?

Little did I know that studying alternative therapies over 25 years ago would benefit me today!

I had gotten out of the practice of burning pure essential oils and recently decided to buy myself a new oil burner. I said to my ex boss “Give me a nice essential oil…” To which she replied “Now, Sorcha if someone had of asked you that when working here what would you have said..?”

Somewhere from the logged away files in my mind, I said “Rose Absolute, Frankincense or Neroli…”

I decided on Frankincense. Perfect for right now.

I often put a drop into my face moisturiser as it is known for its rejuvenating properties and beautification. Helps heal skin, and prevent signs of aging. Great for sun damaged skin.

Here are only some of the reported benefits of Frankincense and why you might decide now is a great time to get some!

  • Can help reduce stress and negative emotions - reducing heart rate and high blood pressure.

  • Boost the immune system - as it has been found to have strong Immuno-stimulant activity.

  • It is an astringent, antiseptic and disinfectant agent. It can eliminate cold and flu germs - can be added to your household cleaners.

  • Can aid sleep by lowering anxiety levels.

  • Can improve focus and concentration.

There are just a few benefits that may help you at this challenging time. I love to burn it in my office, as well as put a drop on my thumb and press it onto the roof of my mouth to improve focus and concentration.

***Please note you should only ever use quality Pure Essential Oils, not synthetically produced oils. Do not take internally unless directed by an expert. You must take 100% responsibility for your own well-being***

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